A man who shoobities the floobity dooblities while flibbitying the zoppity boppities.
Bill Cosby is the man.
by PJ Queen April 22, 2012
A supreme being. More powerful than Chuck Norris, but less powerful than Bruce Campbell.
"Bow down before Bill Cosby or else"
by Gahars April 03, 2008
A cocktail made so strong that it could lead to future rape allegations against the server. The original drink can be made from any base ingredient such as coffee or juice but will usually be laced with barbiturates, Quaaludes or other knock-out tonics from back in the day. Also see Mickey, rohypnol and Date Rape.
Person 1 (sipping cocktail) "Dude, I asked for a simple Gin and Tonic, not a Bill Cosby!"
by Funny Man Andy December 13, 2014
An old black man that hangs with young mens girlfriends down in a hotel lobby
Man my girl friend just got caught hanging with a Bill Cosby while he was ZENAKUin her
by zenakufuckinghoes June 23, 2014
A beverage that has been spiked with drugs, and given to an uknowing person so the scumbag who gave it can have their way with them.
Hey did you see that guy give that lady a Bill Cosby!? Im going to tell. Her he put something in her drink.
by L0nestar November 27, 2014
1. See date rape.
2. To slip a drug (i.e. GHB, roofies, ketamine) into an alcoholic drink, give that drink to a female within the ages of 15-35, then proceed to rape said woman after they become unconscious.

3. An individual who commits the aforementioned acts.
1. She needs to report that guy for Bill Cosby-ing her!

2. I saw Alex try to slip a roofie in my Jello pudding. He is a total Bill Cosby.
by Hamzawesome1 January 08, 2015
A comedian/black man/ pudding pop advocate/ destroyer of worlds. You will find him generally wearing a red sweater, loafers, and tan pants.He sometimes takes off the red sweater and puts on a knit sweater with mickey mouse playing foot ball or driving a ship, on it. No one loves pudding pops as much as him.
Truvy: (looks down at empty plate) Whats for desert bitch.
Truvy: Yaaay!!!
Bill Cosby:(back hands child) Now leave me alone daddy's drinkin!

by Chloe BITCH! February 25, 2008

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