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Bill the Cat is a local hobo in Iowa City, Iowa, and the main inspiration for the character (of the same name) in the cult comic, Bloom County, which Berkley Brethead drew.

Berkley lived on Bloomington street in the early 1980's, and thus, being from Iowa City, knew of the famous Bill the Cat.

Bill the Cat is a man in his '50s (or older, by now), who is about 6' 5", and once burst into a laundromat, screaming "I got's me some new shoes!", being promptley chased from the premises by the owner, a women of five feet, armed with a broom, screaming "I thought I told you to never come back here!".
*My dad saw Bill the Cat breaking into a car back in '99.
*Dude, it's bill the cat!! What's up, bro-ha?
*How'd Bill get the name "Bill the Cat"?
by B_nizzly July 06, 2008
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