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Nick name for Billy..

Merge of the words: Billy and Dildo...

I love Bildo. I use him when i'm horny.
by Smokey September 12, 2003
A bildo is an anal dildo. Sometimes referred to as a bulldo/buldo. Known within many gay communities as a billy (slang).
Josh loves to bully himself around with "Andy" his favorite bildo. Sophia likes to help me masturbate. She will use a bildo on me while I wrap my fist around my cock and play with my balls. As I get close to coming, she thrusts the bildo harder into my ass. My climax is mind blowing.
by Bildo the Bully January 04, 2008
To fix something quickly and in most cases incorrectly. (Bildo'd)
You really bildo'd that battery. Buddy fixed a burnt off battery post with a gear clamp. Buy a new battery moron!
by BCC2001 January 07, 2007
A complete fagget who loves nicks cock and takes dildos up the ass
Man there a bunch of bildos at this party tonight who are gay
by Wes the pimp ass motha September 21, 2003
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