A word synonymous with loser/freak. This word describes an individual who is lonely and finds comfort in talking to himself. A bijon is a social status lower than emo (yes there is such thing).
Hey, you wanna go pick on some bijons?
by Dijon Mustard May 10, 2005
Top Definition
Rich or exclusive in form or taste, used in weathly circles in LA denoting awe.
May derive as a referance to the exclusive Bijon's on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
A man walks by with an amazing suit and a bystander utters ...bijon..
by SammysCamera September 07, 2006
Adjective: Very interesting, exciting or new.

Synonyms: Rad, Tubular, Excellent
Grand Theft Auto was pretty bijon, but Halo2 is TOTALLY bijon.
by Chip November 18, 2004
In Gears of War, when a person is roadie running up to you, shoots you with the shotgun, and continues running almost without stopping.
"HOLY SHIT!! That dude just pulled a Bijon on me!"
by Jefghi September 13, 2007
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