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Biggity is derived from the term Bounce. It comes from the first pronounciation of Bounce. The "B" part of the word has "iggity" added to it to compliment its definition.
"Aight, lets biggity biggity bounce!"
"Ok Trinity, thats it, let's biggity..." - Morpheus
"Man were did Sander go? Did he biggity?"
by J-Money $ October 06, 2005
Word kids use when high to show joy and excitement.
Bo: "Is this thing on?"
Travis: "I don't know. Say something."
Bo: "Biggity"
by dohlf hauldhagen March 29, 2010
biggity-is a hot girl started on the board walks of the jersey shore nj befor the gay show also known for its call "biggity biggity Boo" also know as man whore or perv key note a guy biggity is not real this is a term only used to describe the female sex. ussaly not girlfreinds for a biggity is more of a hook up for girl freinds use beautifull this will help but a gf can start out as a biggity
magen fox not her thumbs, all hot girls with thight buts,nice boby good face, biggity
by bigleague swager and champ June 24, 2011
Bomb Chronic
Dude, check out this biggity biggity Bizomb!!! Quick, Load your GNOB
by Ms. MJKeenan October 17, 2003
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