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A nonsensical suffix used to camouflage words in the english language instead of the over-used 'izzle'.

"IGGITY is the new IZZLE dawg!"
Old: "That whip is tha' shizzle fo'rizzle"
New: "That whip is tha' shiggity fo'riggity"

Old: "Yo' dizzle, keep it on tha' down-lizzle fo'shizzle ma'nizzle"
New: "Yo' diggity, keep it on tha' down-liggity fo'shiggity ma'niggity"
by BLKDRAGN April 07, 2005
_iggity is a suffix that comes after the first two constinants befor the first vowel of a word. If the word has only one constinant befor the first vowel that is the only letter used. And the -iggity word goes befor the origional word
criggity crap, swiggity sweet, giggity gay
by Matt Nicke August 21, 2005
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