:noun - a big burly prick who tries to much to be manly and in return ends up appearing as a nazi-tistical bastard.
:adjective - a word used to describe older men who try and be cool as well as appear to be a mans man, and use terms such as "bread winner" and listen to country rock.
noun - "Man, bigger thomas is an ass"

ADJ - "Dude, you are a bigger thomas for trying to tell me your the damn bread winner"
by Aaron Esposito April 12, 2004
Top Definition
The act of suffocating a white woman with a pillow and cremating her body in a furnace, as in the novel Native Son.
"How did your date go with that girl last night?"

"I didn't really like her much so I decided to Bigger Thomas her."
by BlinkinCard4 May 31, 2009
The absolute worst thing to call an African American. Derived from Uncle Tom, used to describe a black man as a bigger Uncle Tom.
You fuckin biggerthomas!
by DeeshChrushCourt March 22, 2005
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