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In the poker variant of Texas Hold 'em, Big Slick refers to holding an ace and a king as your two hole cards. It is famously refered to Big Slick as it is a slippery hand that one can easily lose a fortune over. Usually grouped together as one of the premium hands along with Aces and Kings, but this hand is more flexible especially if suited.

Other nicknames for Big Slick include: Space Cowboy, Walking Back to Houston, Big Ugly, Santa Barabara, Ass Kicker, Machine Gun, and Big Slick in a Suit (if suited)
The Board came A 2 8 and both players in the pot held Big Slick. There were gonna be fireworks.
by CooCooCoo January 28, 2006
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In Texas Hold 'Em, having Ace-King as your hole cards.
I had Big Slick, so I raised.
by Obi-Wan December 09, 2003
The best non-paired hand in Texas Hold'Em. This hand will usually be marked as a big hand for poker players however seasoned veterans might advise against betting the house on A,K as it quickly can become a very risky hand if there is no productive cards on the flop.

Also known as an 'Anna Kournikova' since the hand looks good...but rarely wins anything.
Pre-flop, Moneymaker was dominating with his big slick, A,K. But after the flop came out 8, 2, 10, it was Negranu with his set of 10's that had Moneymaker dominated and pot-committed.
by GTI_Guy September 25, 2006
Finding a water-proof mud-slide stuck to the back of the toilet pan usually well above the water line no flushing moves it, only a toilet brush will remove the stain. The culprit usually plays dum to the whole thing.
DT walks to toilet and yells "oh man, who left the Big Slick in the pan"!
by DT-Sidious April 22, 2009
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