fat ass bitch built like a man
what wait staff
by manager April 05, 2003
Top Definition
WWE Raw superstar who happens to be 7-foot high and 500 pounds, Paul Wight "Bear" (The Big Show) retired from wrestling to go boxing but he couldn't make it big time so he came back to WWE RAW and he comes for his spot back
- did u watch wrestling last nite?
- yeah, that big show pwned Santino Marella, big time
by José Guajardo March 21, 2008
An expression used when shocked at the size of something. Named after the WWE Superstar of the same name.
"ayo look at my new shoes"

"damn they are Big Show!"
by krsmanovic December 29, 2013
A big nasty bastard !! Usually a shaven headed, angry and intimidating figure.
Did you see he got choke slammed by that Bigshow last night.
by showvine September 02, 2009
My penis.
Want to see my big show?!
by Scaifeanator February 05, 2004
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