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A male who thinks he is superior in size and knowledge when around others. Second to none with his shoulders broad and head held high he is the vision of perfection - in his own mind. Believes he is top of the food chain. Big Cat slays women with ease as they are drawn to him by the glow of his skin and the twinkle/tears in his eyes.
by Redline October 14, 2012
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An alpha male. The cream of the crop. Originated by Ryan Pazier and Cody Kay
He just benched 335. He's the big cat.
by BigCat2823 August 06, 2013
A male who tends to have a larger penis than normal. A Big Cat is someone who has active associations with drugs and alcohol. Tends to be a chill person.
That guy is a complete big cat.
by swagboy91 May 12, 2014
You "Bigcat" when you havent had sex in a long time (2+ years) and when having sex for the first time with a partner you cum in 60 seconds or less. Also called Uncle Ben's.
Steve: " I hear you fucked that girl last night."

Kevin: "Dude, I couldnt help it, it was 2 years since my last time, I Bigcat almost as soon as I got it in."

Steve: "Sorry to hear that, did you take a Gatoraid break and try to fuck again."

Kevin: "You know it."
by Cookieman00x December 23, 2011
It's that guy Ed McKenna.
1:"Yo it's big cat!"
2:"Whose Big Cat?"
1:"Ed McKenna, jack ass."
by Ed McKenna January 22, 2005
Big Cat is a over-weight older women who is looking for a male drunk enough to take her home. The Big Cat is similar to the Cougar, though its prey need not be a male with vigor or youth. The Big Cat normally waits quietly in a corner stalking its prey. The Big Cat can also be found in a Big Cat Kindle which is a group of two or more Big Cats; the Big Cat Kindle can also contain Cougars.
Did you hear Wilson woke up with a hang-over and a Big Cat sleeping in his bed last night? Yup, the Big Cat pounced on him at last call after watching him take 15 shots.
by INFERNOsrt4 May 30, 2009
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