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A large sum of money
He made big bucks playing the stock market
by Bob Holness May 31, 2006
Drive to Half Moon Bay CA, stand on ANY street corner and yell "George Bush is a draft dodger". The drooling, flat slob that runs up to you with a fistfull of NeoNazi website "fact-sheet" print outs yelling at you to step up and defend your position is Big Buck himself. Carefull! Don't get to close to him in the summertime as he gets a little ripe. That wide yellow streak down his back is not a competition stripe BTW.
Go to and watch Big Buck make a total fool of himself.
by Laura August 10, 2004
Nam era REMF who thinks he knows it all and has done it all. This Halfmoon Bay Half wit is a good argument for eugenics.
This guy or any other KPIG lister would be a good example.
by Terry Wyrick July 09, 2004
A total waste of skin.
Please people, your anti-abortion stance produces people like this.
Go to and you will find him there stinking up the place
by anonymous June 08, 2004
Troll of the highest degree. Finds himself amused by stirring shit amongst his intellectual superiors.
BigBuck laughed so hard at his own joke, he shit himself.
by barnabyjones May 12, 2004
noun/adj - use to describe a male who is exceptionally large muscle wise, devoted to getting shredded; and always frequents the playground i.e. the gym
I am a BIG BUCK!
Hey man (no homo) you are a BIG BUCK!
Sorry boys this is a strictly BIG BUCKs area
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