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The process of doing a "Find -> Replace" in Microsoft Word, in which you replace all periods in the paper with a larger size period. This can add one or more pages to the length of a long paper.
I used the Period Trick to make all my periods 14 font and got the extra page I needed to finish my essay!

Best friend to college kids everywhere.

by bro2baseball April 13, 2009
Momentum. Used especially in sporting events.
Yes! We just scored a touchdown and recovered a fumble! We're still down by 14, but we've got the Big Mo now!
by bro2baseball August 04, 2009
To snatch up a Facebook "vanity url", the custom screenname now available on the popular social networking site.
Mike Pence facesquatted Obie Fernandez's name as his URL. It ruined their friendship.
by bro2baseball June 16, 2009
A ten-page paper or essay. Used especially in college, variants include 5 and 8 pagers.
God damn..... Professor gave us another 10 pager to do over the weekend.
by bro2baseball April 11, 2009

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