Overweight ebony females
Youtube "big booty bitches" and find the one made by: ALostPeople

by BlaznKid May 08, 2010
Top Definition
That's what it's all about right there... Do you really need a definition?
"Them's some big booty bitches."
by Dr. Death May 03, 2005
An internet sensation that first came out around Halloween of '08, but soon gained popularity after it was featured on raywilliamjohnson's youtube vlog ( =3 ) and can soon be seen as the new Rick-Roll'D.
big booty bitches ;)
by TheNortherner29 May 01, 2010
The greatest song of all time, created by two guys, the one on the turntables is hyperactive as hell, and the other dances like Carlton from "The Fresh Prince", and is dressed up like he just got out of church. Oh Lawd!
I got Big Booty Bitches, Big Big Booty Bitches, WOO!
by XxIDR3AMZxX June 11, 2010
this term describes the experiences of playing the keyboard whilst thinking of females with big chunky boots. Men often get highly aroused and begin to freestyle rap
1. Hey Benson......BIG BOOTY BITCHES

Benson: hhahahah yeah mun

2. hey Simon I'm so bored....

Simon: then lets get my keyboard out and BIG BOOTY BITCHES it out in ma living room
by Is A Bel November 09, 2010
A word used in terms to descibe a man or woman with a huge butt.
Gina: damn! nigga check out that big booty bitch rite dere!
Tom: fasho, nigga, you ain't neva lied.. nigga you ain't neva lied
by Mrs. Beckii March 03, 2010
The sexy little Yellowbone DA named Chrissy.
That Big Booty Bitch took forever to swipe my fucking card.
by Senor Eduardo February 20, 2003
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