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A town in the centre of's basically Townie Headquarters of the world....
Townie: Orrigh man...u goin' 'ome???
Townie 2: *coughs on fag smoke* YEAH wiv me crew...tah BICESTER....
by happy now? August 01, 2004
Small, yet growing town in North Oxfordshire, England.
Largely populated by teenagers, often seen on the streets because there is NOTHING for them to do around town. Usually end up getting the bus in to Oxford, or at least trying to, because it's either just driven off, or not turned up yet.
Not as bad as it sounds on the drink/drugs side, some parts are actually pretty nice. If you have no wish to do anything or go anywhere. A nice place to retire I guess... >.<
"Hey dude, going to Bicester?"
"Nah, nothing to do."

(Older Generation):
"Visiting Bicester today are we?"
"Yes, lovely place there! There's a nice restaurant in Bicester Village, thought I might try it out!
by aVERYboredTEEN. March 01, 2011
A town in Oxfordshire, England, where there are far too many teenagers and kids, and no entertainment facilities or shopping centres or ANYTHING.

Everybody says Bicester people have a drug problem.
I guess that's true.
Also an alcohol problem...
...Erm, that's true too.
...And a violence problem..

Basically, the town's full of chavs. Everybody who lives there hates it, except for the teenagers who only like it because there's so many of them. I'm actually part of that group, though, so I'm not complaining.

Most people who live in Bicester spend all their time in Oxford.
Dude, lets go to Bicester! Oh wait, there's fuck all to do there, and we wont be able to get back out cause the trains and the buses run so infrequently.

Everybody in Bicester looks high. They probably are.

by yourmumisinmybed. November 28, 2009
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