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Not a satanist, and not one who bashes the Bible. A Bible Basher is someone who constantly goes around forcing the word of the bible on everyone else, and claims that everything BUT the Bible is evil. Some Bible Bashers even say music is evil because "in the bible" it says that Lucifer was the conducter of God's Orchestra, and say that Lucifer knows how music works on people so he is "hidden in the music, sending you subliminal messages"
This Bible Basher lady said to me in person that I was evil because I listen to Cradle of Filth.
by DeadThresholdJake June 29, 2004
A religious person who is obsessivily you could say, and insanely into his or her religion. They tend to 'bash on' about their religion and try to feed it to you. No disrespect to their religious beliefs, but knowing a bible basher can somtimes get sticky. They tend to be very preotective over their religion, and know nearly everything about it. They will argue the point, and during times of bashing, can become quite violent.
Bible Basher: <*rabbits on about some Bible stuff*>

Little Jonny: What is he talking about Dad? I'm a little scared.

Jonny's father: Oh jus ignore him, he's a bible basher.
by Gma June 02, 2005
A bible basher is one who lives their life by the bible, and tries to force the bible upon all they meet.
Most americans are bible bashers, especially the president.
by Nick1111 January 26, 2008
redneck fundamentalist Christian.
He' aint nothin but a biblebashing bastard.
by mich July 19, 2004
some one who has an obsession for the bible.

also wanting to relese their fluid into the holy book,
jonny: this is some good bible bashing!!
ryan: hellz yer,you bible basher!
ryan:poonanny man!
by wag1rudeboi August 08, 2009
someone who comes to your door with a bible, asking you about the church or whatever. This person believes in Christianity.
A bunch of bible bashers knocked on my door the other day wanting me to become Christian, I told them to piss off.
by bread infection December 09, 2009
In America: One who incessantly criticizes the bible.

In Britain (and Australia): One who incessantly promotes the Bible.
That bible basher Dawkins really infuriated the Bible Basher Robertson.
by fwamarama February 14, 2008
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