Bis - sister, from cockney rhyming slang - skin and blister - sister
Hey, you hurt my little bis and I'll break your legs
by Paton79 December 16, 2004
1. Boner In Sweatpants. There is nothing more awkward then walking into a party with a boner in sweatpants.

2. Offered up by clones on the Jim Rome show to be the name for his horse.

"Dude, talking to Tina's parents after they caught us bumping uglys is like having a bis at a party."
by Steve Karvarius July 21, 2008
May sometimes appear as a robot. The bad typing is definitely one of the flaws.
Bis is great at shaggin. Fa shizzle ma nizzle.
by Someone :) May 06, 2003
Founder of a new laguage referred to as bis-ish.
Found in bars drinking hand grenades. Can be recognized by the noise *cuak*
Usually is surrounded by one or more of the following PC's, wh0rez, fish and/or ferrets.
where da bis at?

like bis is
the end?
by Peaches February 19, 2004

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