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1. A word orginated from the "brown" background, meaning slighty retarded in every aspect of life and/or basically a fagget who gets picked on.

2. A person who is willing to do anything to look cool. i.e. Making fake facebook accounts and blaming it on your sisters.
Hamza is such a Bhootwala.
by mansoorh. July 27, 2009
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1. An indian nickname, often adopted by people who watch too much indian tv.
2. Someone who is chemically dependent on seesha and the fumes of his laundry detergent. Most Bhootwalas also love to take pictures of themselves for myspace, cause they're just "cool like that".
p1: Dude, Hamzah is doing his laundry AGAIN!!
p2: I knoww, what a BHOOTWALA
by lovestorun July 27, 2009

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