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Bhavini is a person who has an unreachable amount of skills for the average person. Bhavini means strong and can also be translated to "hulk". Bhavini can also be used as an adjectif that mean strong, invincible, fire, and fleek. If you ever cross a Bhavini in your life, you don't want to mess with her. A person named Bhavini is a descendant of the strong people of Azurya. Her name can be found in the book of The Great Invincibles. Bhavini is a mythical creature that has no mercy.
"Bhavini scares me."
"Everyone wants to be Bhavini"
"Yo! Yesterday, in mythology, I learned about Bhavini. What a beastly creature!"
by QuickFeetDawgg June 10, 2015
A girl who lives in a house with her dad, mum and lovely sister. She is of Indian origin and very out-spoken. She's nice MOST of the time, and we la-la-lava love her. HAHA
Weirdo 1: Have you seen that Bhavini?
Weirdo 2: Yeee Man, She Just Won't Shutup About Millvale, It's Doing My Head In Duuuude.
Weirdo 1: I Love her.
Weirdo 2: Wowza.
Weirdo 1: LOLA!
by Lolaaarh. November 19, 2010

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