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Smart,charismatic, funny and gorgeous girl who always knows how to cheer one up. She is very caring and consious of others around her.
Wow, she is such a Bhavana, caring for everyone like that.
#bhavana #bavana #bhwana #indian #names #girls
by lovegggggg February 05, 2009
An ABCD (American Born Confused Desi/Indian) who laughs randomly at the stupidest jokes. She's a great friend and you can trust her with anything, and she's the type of friend you can call at any time for advice or just to rant. She is constantly laughing and sometimes you want her to shut up cause she laughs so much. A lot of people think she's quiet but when you get to know her she's not. At all. She doesn't take crap from anyone and can't tolerate backstabbing friends. So if you lie or backstab a Bhavana, watch out. Overall, she's a sweet and pretty girl who laughs too much (even though that makes her lovable) that is super outgoing and loud when you get to know her and she hates backstabbers/liars.
You lied to Bhavana? Watch out.
Stop being such a Bhavana, that joke didn't require that much laughter.
#loud #outgoing #funny #sweet #loyal
by fookittysrock July 12, 2013
Pure awesomeness. :D
I mean no one can ever be awesome as I am!

Oh yeah, so freaking awesome. You can't even take the awesomeness when you're with me! :D
Oh my god, she is so amazing like so Bhavana! :')
#bhavana #awesome #amazing #awesomeness #freak
by Prinkles September 18, 2012
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