Adjective, bez-uhl - used to describe a level of awesomeness not know by most humans. Similar to swag, but with no limits. Can also be used to describe one's lifestyle. A BezeL lifestyle far succeeds ballers, pimps, macks, and OG's.
"I look fresh, fly and flashy, call me BezeL"
"You got swag? Fuck that, I'm on that BezeL shit."

Twitter: Just dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen #notsoBezeL
by spangdiddy December 28, 2011
Top Definition
A groove to hold gems or diamonds.
I'm on another level, yellow rocks all in my bezel.
-Lil Flip
by ((Vibe)) December 26, 2005
Something or someone that's of great value, and of which you interact with or own.
That diamond is my bezel. My girlfriend is my bezel. I'm about to hangout with one of my old bezels.
by GreatPaul March 29, 2016

another term originated in seattle for extacy like the bay area use thizz seattle uses bezel so pop a bezel yadidameanbeezy
man i need some oj i just popped a bezel
that bitch let me hit it after she got bezzed
by bigslim April 06, 2006
E-Bombs, E, Thizz, Ecstasy, Hard Copys.
I just popped 1 bezel and railed another one now im Rollin hella hard.

How much are you selling a roll of bezels for

Do you know were i can buy some bezels

What kind of bezels are those
by Sqwiggles July 23, 2010
A pimped out black man who sits next to link in networking . A PIMPED OUT BLACK MAN I TELL YOU.... pimp
bezel was pimping out networking class when link dropped it like its hot
by god8me December 15, 2004
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