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Adjective, bez-uhl - used to describe a level of awesomeness not know by most humans. Similar to swag, but with no limits. Can also be used to describe one's lifestyle. A BezeL lifestyle far succeeds ballers, pimps, macks, and OG's.
"I look fresh, fly and flashy, call me BezeL"
"You got swag? Fuck that, I'm on that BezeL shit."

Twitter: Just dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen #notsoBezeL
by spangdiddy December 28, 2011
A groove to hold gems or diamonds.
I'm on another level, yellow rocks all in my bezel.
-Lil Flip
by ((Vibe)) December 26, 2005

another term originated in seattle for extacy like the bay area use thizz seattle uses bezel so pop a bezel yadidameanbeezy
man i need some oj i just popped a bezel
that bitch let me hit it after she got bezzed
by bigslim April 06, 2006
E-Bombs, E, Thizz, Ecstasy, Hard Copys.
I just popped 1 bezel and railed another one now im Rollin hella hard.

How much are you selling a roll of bezels for

Do you know were i can buy some bezels

What kind of bezels are those
by Sqwiggles July 23, 2010
A pimped out black man who sits next to link in networking . A PIMPED OUT BLACK MAN I TELL YOU.... pimp
bezel was pimping out networking class when link dropped it like its hot
by god8me December 15, 2004