all you guys are gimps. bevans is your beer.
bevan = beer. bevans = beers
sinking bevans = your a lad.

note: sinking chic's drinks does not give you a ladsy status. it must be bevans only. notably TEDS VB or CARTLON
lad: oi tomo mate why arnt you sinking bevans
non ladsy homma: ahh matey i like the chics drinks
lad: you used to be the bevan sinking king, now your the pussy smirnoff double black king
non ladsy homma: aight mate but atleast they taste good
lad: fuck you i prefer bevans. lads on.
by J_amessss November 04, 2006
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Winnie blue smoking, vb or XXXX drinking, loud mouthed, usually very thin, or sometimes quite fat. Found with the sheila, sheilas may go by such names as shazza,lozza, narelle,sherelle, typical bevan names include dazza, tezza,wozza,davo and micko. Bevan is a Queensland, Australia native, see also the boganfrom Melbourne, or the westie from Sydney- NSW.
Any of these may also and most likely act like a yobbo
Go down to woodridge, you'll see many bevans driving their commodores or torries (torana)
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
a word used to describe an IT teacher who is pretty cool; However, this same teacher has a tendency to blow up and go Sub-Zero on your ass.
1. Have you seen our new computer teacher?
2. No, not yet. Whats he like?
1. Ah man, he's so bevans!
by NOTTANIGGA January 15, 2009
The term bevan can be used to describe alcoholic beverages, it is an abbreviated expression commonly used by private school boys in Perth, Australia. It is often best used with a good old Aussie accent and a VB in hand.
'Natalia is having people tonight, mass Bevan sesh mate'
'Yeah that Martin is a hell dardy'
'true true'
by Natalia e September 15, 2006
(1) a friend who you are more than happy to share your weed with (2) when with never a dull moment.
beavn, that guy. / bevan,some person you meet the other day. / who's that?. bevan.
by hay who's that January 04, 2010
A real man who treats a woman kindly. Is adventurous and multi talented in many areas being academic and physical. Often school environments do not suit and most drop out however through turmoil they find strength and go on to achieve many great things. Very attractive. great with their hands. Bevan's are awesome!

misused to describe bogans in Queensland Australia.
"he totally carved it up the Bevan"
by ittybitty1234567 February 03, 2010
Good Aussie cricket player.

"Bevan won the match for Australia last night."
by Diego July 08, 2003
Aneurin Bevan (1897 - 1960)

Welsh politician, Bevan, became one of the most important ministers in the 1945-1951 Labour government.

Bevan became the foremost parliamentary critic of Neville Chamberlain and his government. Bevan argued that Winston Churchill should replace Chamberlain.

Bevan was responsible for establishing the National Health Service, set up on 5th July 1948, when the government took over responsibility for all medical services so that they were free for anybody who needed help.
"You are a Bevan" ideological ideas for the centre left of the Labour Party.
by Jake Bevan July 02, 2006

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