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Betty Boop is a cartoon character than began life as a french poodle caricature of 1920's singer/actress/comedian Helen Kane and had later evolved into a coy flapper who would Boop-Oop-a-Doop and lose all her clothes. The character was popular from 1932-1934. By 1935 the Hays Code had kicked in and she was no longer free to be the carefree flapper she once was and was toned down. The cartoon characters voice was provided by five women Margie Hines, Ann Little, Bonnie Poe, Kate Wright and Mae Questel, the series ended in 1939. Betty made a little comeback in the scene Who Framed Roger Rabbit where she was last voiced by Mae Questel. Today Betty Boop is voiced by Sandy Fox.
by Diamondx October 08, 2013

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