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The language created between two linguists: Driver and Walpole.
Comprising mainly of "stolen" words, it is more of a pidgin. It encorporates aspects of French, Irish, German, Orcadian, English, American English, Icelandic, Russian and Korean. It also includes original Betasish words (Betaisch in it's European form).
The new OBD (Oxford Betaish Dictionary) is soon to be published.
La feelm was brillojud, ja?
The film was really good, you think?

Oi! You Krint! Get back here with my George Forman!
Hey, you ruffian! Get back here with my girlfriend!

"I'm sorry, I don't understand your language."
Eh, feck off you Krint! Toutlamonde savvy's Betaish!
by Horrace September 15, 2007
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