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Lesbian's that are best friends but not lovers, best lesbian's.
"Dude i totally made a bestbian sandwich last night!"
by be_rad123 July 12, 2008
A Bestbian is a hybrid word that derives from the words, best friends & lesbians.
In some cases it can be lesbians who are also best friends, or 2 female friends that get confused for lesbians, a lesbian who is your best friend, best friends that are both lesbians but not for each other, or best friends with lesbian tendencies. Or many other variations of best friends AND Lesbians.

Guy-"Are those girls holding hands lesbians?"
Guy B- "No I think they're just Bestbians"


Girl- "This girl right here, she is my best lesbian friend!"
Girl 2- " You mean your Bestbian?"
by Reformed Bestbian January 29, 2011
A pair of heterosexual girls who are really close friends. They are inseparable and may have serious future plans that include each other, such as rooming together in college/living together, and/or owning a bunch of cats together. The living situation is very similar to a Boston Marriage minus the lesbian aspect.

Bestbians are the female equivalent of a bromance.
-Katie ditched her boyfriend to help her bestbian paint her room.

-"We're not lesbians, we're BESTBIANS!"
by Lutfisk December 05, 2010
my best friend, who is a girl, that will hold your hand and spoon with you in public. This is not to be confused with bestbian.
My bestbian, Lisa, is someone I am very fond of. Of course, she and I aren't lesbians. We are bestbians
by Zeny Eclipse November 27, 2010
Lesbians who are also BFFs.
No, we're not lesbians...We're so much more than that!!! We're bestbians!!!
by lesbian-lover December 09, 2009
best friends who are also intimate with one another.
Archie: are you lesbians?
Monica: No, we're much more than that! We are BESTBIANS!
by notacrab July 23, 2012

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