The one person in your life who you trust and care about more than any of your friends, even your close ones. The first person you think about when someone says "Why don't you call a friend?". Someone you can stay up all night talking to, even if you have nothing to say. Your greatest comfort, and also your greatest source of laughter. The one and only person who will always be there for you, no matter what. Even though you may find other people to call "best friends" in your life, that one person will always be there at the back of your mind, waiting for you to take them back
Harriet-Hey, Bea? Can you talk?
Beatrice-Of course, Har. But why are you calling me at 3 in the morning?
Harriet-I don't know...I just really need to talk.
Beatrice-Okay. About what?
Harriet-Fredrick. He...he...
Beatrice-They had to go through with the open heart surgery after all!?
Harriet-**stifles a sob** They did, Bea. They did.
Beatrice-Oh Har, I'm so sorry.
Harriet-Oh, thanks, Bea. But it's just...he was so young and full of life--
Beatrice-Har, he's 87 years old. It was bound to happen sometime.
Harriet-**laughs**. Oh, Bea, you always know how to cheer me up! Seventy-five years later, and we're still best friends.
by Anna L.C. July 20, 2008
The one who helps to carry the body
You: Hey...I might have just done something really stupid
Best friend: It doesn't matter, I'll help you get out of it
by ponytails May 20, 2013
A person you could look up to, whenever your down. You could always rely on them, trust them, and cry on them. No matter how hurt you are inside, they make you laugh and smile. When they move away, you cry, and feel as if you die, inside. Your heart feels like it lost a part. But when they appear, you say "OMFG.". And you run to them like a automobile. Exchanging hugs, and this is what she tells you" I missed you so much, so I had to come back." And of course, you had, a tear, and a smile, again. You can never let go of them, and never give them away. Because if you do, you'll regret that moment.
Allison: Hey Best-Friend!

Jamie: No she's my-best friend!



*Best-friend comes...*

Best-friend: WDF.
by Rawr-means-Iluveyou-In-Dino April 24, 2010
soul mate
She is my best friend.

He is my best friend.
by menaceboyy October 20, 2009
the person you can turn to when all else fails.
someone you know you can trust.
a person who will back you up.
no matter what kinda shitt you in.
when your at the bottom of the ferris wheel ride.
its the person who can bring you back up.
the friend you love the most.
the person you will share milk and cookies with while listening to your guilty pleasure...gimme more.
aka erin and liz.
bestfriends of janelle
by Jan-L_2-me November 10, 2007
A best friend is someone who will always have your back no matter what. It doesn't matter what you did. They will stay by your side even if no one else does. They wouldn't care if everyone started hating them for talking to you. It doesn't matter if you've known them for ten years or one year. They don't judge you. They won't talk behind your back. At least, not anything bad. Whoever your 'best friend' is, you probably have inside jokes with them. You love spending time with them. They are almost just like family.
"They are always with each other"

"They are probably best friends"
by Swag to the Max February 24, 2013
People who you may not see often but you they are always there. You may have arguments but you never say anything behind their back and you stick together like a team. You can tell them anything, and they can definatly keep any secret :) How ever old or young you can never lose your best friend. It take a long time to find a best friend but when you do find them you have them for life.
I love you best friends, not in that way, like a sisterly love <3
by February 12, 2012

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