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When your best friends parents think that your best friend is talking about you whenever they say"my friend"
Kelly:Mom, I'm going to the mall with my best friend okay? Kelly's mom:WHO? JEMIE?
by loveejemie June 06, 2011
someone who you can talk to about anything and they wont tell a soul, someone you do the most craziest things with, someone who cares about you more than anything, someone who you can talk to for hours on end and still need to talk to them after, someone who you can call a sister.
person 1: see that girl over there
person 2: yeah i know her
person 1: yeah shes my sister
person 2: your not related though
person 1: well shes my best friend but she is more like a sister
by eemmiillyyxoxox :) May 13, 2011
1.term formerly used to describe the BEST friend of a person,now used by teenage girls to describe MOST of their friends
2.better friend in a group of friends
Kelsey:"hey jen,am i your "best friend"?"
Jen:"yes,of corse"
Ashley:"hey Jen!"
Jen: "oh hey "best friend""
Kelsey: "WTF?"
by Magicoa April 08, 2010
someone who is supposed to be there for you someone who is with you through thick or thin not someone who turns around an stabs you in the back
you sleep with my boyfriend an i will kill the boyfriend an learn to 4give you were best friends an thats the way it should be
by soonergurlz77 January 25, 2010
You know you're best friends when you sit on the same bed and watch horror films on a laptop, and you're best friend is in her pajamas, and you don't care. also, she cooks you lunch and in return you break a plate, and she just laughs.
me: "lets watch Saw II on your laptop"
my bf: "okay :D"
me: "btw, nice pajamas"
my bf: "cheers. nice to see that you acknowledge the obvious"

me: "im hungry"
my bf: "scrambled eggs?"

me: *drops plate* "OH SHIT!"
my bf: *laughs hysterically* "don't worry. I still love you"
me: *phew* "love you too"

best friends rule :D
by thatenglishchick November 23, 2009
Someone who doesn't care who you hang out with, what shit you get yourself into, or what you talk about. The only person that you trust your entire life with. The one you tell everything to without fear of judgement. The one that you have the best memories with. The one that will always mean the most to you. The only person that you could spend days and days with and still have something to talk about. The only one where nothing gets awkward. The only one that you love a lot more than they love you.

Above all, the one's trust you want above anything else in the world. The only trust that really matters to you.
amk my best friend <3
by rachelllrachelllrachelllrachel October 12, 2008
The friend that's cool enough to help hide the dead body of the douche flirting with your girl.
J: oh shit, oh shit, oh shit....
K: don't worry man, we can always hide the body!
J: ok man, you're my best friend.
by JayJayAttackAttack June 03, 2013