The true best friend will randomly barge into your apartment without knocking or bothering to ask why you didn't lock the door, and spazz about how unfair their life is to the only person who will listen, or care: You. A best friend never brings their own food when they come to visit. For one thing, they will not call it 'visiting', but 'breaking and entering'. They will also eat you out of house and home and then look at you like it's your fault the refrigerator is empty, because they know you hate it when they do that. You always tell your best friends your most important dreams and secrets, because you know that when they fall off their chairs and start rolling on the floor laughing at you and calling you ten different kinds of an idiot, it's their bizarre way of showing that they care. You're used to them swearing at you because you forgot to do the homework that THEY needed to copy, because it happens almost every day. They are the kind of person who will point and laugh when you walk into a door, and never let you forget your stupidity for the rest of the day. And they never leave you alone. EVER. Not even at 12:00 a.m. apparently, because you can still hear them throwing rocks at your window while you're trying to sleep. And when you finally end up in jail, your best friend will be in there with you, giving you a play-by-play of how badly you fucked this one up.

A best friend is someone who annoys you and criticizes you; someone who bitches and whines and blames you for everything. They are the person who will stay with you forever, even if you don't want them to, and never let you be lonely. They dump their anger and their sadness and their frustration on you, and only you, because you're the only one who can take it without breaking. They are the shoulder you can always cry on when there's no place to go to dry your tears. They make you laugh, cry, love, hurt, scream, throw things, and be human.

And the true best friend knows all this, and it is for exactly that reason why they will forever remain your best friend, wether you like it or not.
~ I hated it when she yelled at me and cuffed me, and we would always fight over the stupidest things. She would swear and I would shout, and in the end we would both end up crying onto each other's shoulders. When I asked her why, she said "Because we're best friends." ~
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by Andunewing January 16, 2009
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Best Friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people you think about when you make plans. They are the first people you go to when you need someone to talk to. You will phone them up just to talk about nothing, or the most important things in your life. When you’re sad they will try their hardest to cheer you up. They give the best hugs in the world! They are the shoulder to cry on, because you know that they truly care about you. In most cases they would take a bullet for you, coz it would be too painful to watch you get hurt.

2 Girl best friends: They do all the girly things together, no one says anything.

2 Boy best friends: They do all the boy stuff together, no one says anything.

1 Boy + 1 Girl best friends: They do boy and girl stuff, People says lots of stuff
Look at Stu and Miss they are wicked best friends, he must fancy her coz boys and girls can't just be best friends………. Will see.

Gun Man: I’m going to kill your best friend miss
Stu: No take me instead!
by SJ Rose August 18, 2005
Many people, not all, go through different best friends throughout life. However, usually a person only has one real, true best friend in all that time. A best friend is not only someone you have a good time with, it is also someone you believe you can trust your life with. A best friend is the first person you call when the most amazing things happen in your life, and when the most horrific incidents happen. A best friend is the person you will always remember no matter what comes about. Some people lose the only true best friend they will ever have, and even when they get new "best friends" .. that old, real best friend is always on their mind. A best friend is almost like real family, a best friend gives the opinion you usually care most about. A best friend is the one who tells you the things you absolutely need to hear regardless of whether you want to hear it or not. A best friend is the person you usually can be around always and never get sick of. A best friend is someone you don't envy, and is the person you are grateful to have as a friend. A best friend is the one who will forgive you always, even when you've screwed up so bad. And a best friend is the one who even though you may have drifted apart from, when the time comes for them to hug you or congratulate you on an accomplishment or to console you on a loss.. they are the number one person you want to see, always because they are the person you've confided the most in and they are the person who knows you the best .. even when you both have changed.

Your real, true best friend is your comfort zone.
We weren't best friends anymore, but I still came out for her show. Afterwards, the hug we shared meant more to her than anyone else's and everyone could tell.
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by lachae July 08, 2006
Someone you can totally be yourself around and not give a care in the world about your actions or feelings because they won't judge you for the stupid things you may do or say.
My best friend, Brett and I used to hang out all the time but things changed.
by Michelle December 27, 2004
The best friend in your life is the person you are thinking about as you read this.
Best Friend
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by hahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhh April 18, 2011
Two or more people who share everything with one another, knowing they can be trusted. People who would, if needed, take a bullet for their friend(s). Two or more people who, through all the new friends, new hobbies, new jobs, rough times, and high school, are always there for eachother, no matter how busy they are. A best friend is someone who can make you feel better no matter what.

In some cases, the two or more part doesn't apply. It is quite possible to be your own best friend.
Once you find your best friend(s), hold on to them forever, for they are hard to find and oh so special.
by Tiffany September 14, 2004
Best friends are the people you can turn to when all else fails! You can fight over the most stupid things and be go back to normal after 5mins. They can make you smile without trying. They trust you, you trust them.
You have ''in'' jokes that no one else can get, but you still find as funny as ever =) You don't have to pretend around them, they like you for who you are.
Best friends are Vickz & Luce
(Peanut) (Jelly!)
#bestfriends #luce #vickz #friends #huggles
by Vickz-peanut January 09, 2006
Contrary to popular belief, your bestfriend doesn't have to be with you 24/7 or think and act just like you. Truly, a bestfriend can be the exact opposite of you, and this usually leads to fights and difficulties getting along, but somehow you still just love them to death anyway. Your bestfriend is the one person who could not speak to you for any amount of time but you still think of them just the same. Someone who, despite all the changes a person goes through in their life, will stick by you and always accept you for who you are. A person who will always tell you what you NEED to hear, even if its not necessarily what you WANT to hear. A person who can make you laugh even on your bad days, and who makes all the problems in life seem easy to overcome, as long as you have them by your side. A bestfriend can be many things, your inspiration, your hero; bestfriends help eachother to become better people by using honest, constructive criticism that sometimes hurts to hear, but is all for the best in the end. Bestfriends are the ones that bring up touchy topics with you, even if it will risk you being angry w/ them because they care more about your well being. Your bestfriend is the one who you could piss off so badly, but in your time of need they'll will still be there for you. A bestfriend is someone who you have shared good AND bad memories with, but you just can't help but cherish each of them; a TRUE bestfriend is hard to come by, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.
Ashley will always be my bestfriend.
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by danibeanz July 08, 2009
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