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The worst city in the United States. This area has been torn apart from a nice neighborhood to a horrible hell hole. Statistics show that 99% of Bessemer sucks. The 1% of Bessemer that is good is actually part of Atlanta, Bessemer is just borrowing it.
Fuck, Bessemer sucks.

Damn, why can't granny just die so I don't have to go to Bessemer anymore?

I'd rather live in a pig's colon for a year than drive through Bessemer.

So I hear you live in Bessemer. Do you suck as well? You probably do.

Aaron: I am hungry
Jordan: Me too.
Aaron: Let's go to the Bright Star
Jordan: That's in Bessemer
Aaron: That's right
Jordan: Let's just eat our own flesh instead
Aaron: Good thinking. Man Jordan, you really are a thinker
Jordan: Thanks yo
by danklewankle May 26, 2007

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