A feminine looking male who enjoys flirting heavily with other males. Also referred to as "Mandisa" (or submissive) when seen with a "Mandingo" (or dominant).
That very feminine looking person is flirting with us, he must be a Berryman.
by PestilenceGuy February 13, 2009
Top Definition
A berryman is a guy who is way too cool for anyone and makes anything sound unimportant. He is short in stature possibly middle aged and concealing water pipes with thai hashish. He loves large boats with only seamen and tons of flags. He may speak of a hard-on or saturation, he is well versed in SWAG.
Wow can you just give me the berryman, I don't really need to know what happened.
by thehawksfriend May 27, 2010
One who chases alot of tail and is very full of himself. Will usually make up stories about having sex or hooking up to make people think he is hot. Sometimes can be rapists
yo man we know you didn't hook up with her, you are such a Berryman.
by badass4567 December 28, 2009
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