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An abbreviation for Bernalillo,New Mexico.Usaully used by people from the town.
dude #1 "hey where are you from?"
dude #2 "berna"
by Ganondork August 27, 2007
A tall woman with a long and hard sex drive. Won't stop til she's totally satisfied, so beautiful you'll want to do her with your best friend. Loves to have multiple partners and will turn your girlfriend bi sexual.....
I can never get ENOUGH of Berna
by BJLOV August 15, 2008
act of sarcasm. also known as the act of "jalan lapan lapis mulia" of buddhism.
"Bitchkree: bro, you look so smart wearing radiohead t-shirt"
Hatchrie : Bernas!
by shahdhuan April 13, 2008
n. a strong odor to the nasal area
Everyone in a 3 mile radius collapsed from the berna irradiating.
by mannnn May 19, 2005