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1; German for 'Petrol', which is the British term for gasoline.

2; One of the singles from Rammstein`s 'Rosenrot' album.
1; "I need to get some petrol in my car or I`ll break down somewhere."

2; "Did you hear the new song 'Benzin' yet?"
by RichardFanx3 September 15, 2005
Another term for a 'baggie' - the little bags you get dealt weed in.
"The good news is I'm here,the bad news is it's in two benzins"
by james wesley June 07, 2005
as in going for a benz- meaning to walk
guy 1- where u off?
guy 2- oh just benzin
by Laurie Nairn January 05, 2005
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