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This term refers to the video description box on YouTube.

This box, which contains information about the video, links, and tags, used to be universally referred to as the "sidebar," since it often appeared beside videos, but Craig Benzine (Wheezy Waiter) started referring to it as the "doobly-doo."

Other YouTubers, such as John Green (part of the Vlogbrothers) and Dan Brown, started to also call the sidebar the "doobly-doo," using Wheezy Waiter's terminology (and crediting him in various comments and tweets). The term is now widely used on YouTube.

This definition is designed to correct and expand on the definition 'dooblydoo' (misspelled) currently on UD
For more information, the link's in the doobly-doo.

To vote for me, please click the link in the doobly-doo.
by martha_s November 30, 2009
Wheezy Waiter is Craig Benzine, a video content creator, who has a popular channel on YouTube and a blog under the name Wheezy Waiter. Craig has been creating Wheezy Waiter videos since June 2007.

Wheezy Waiter is as popular as other video content creators who are defined on Urban Dictionary.

Craig calls himself Wheezy Waiter, because when he started creating videos for the internet, he was working as a waiter and because he has asthma. (He no longer works as a waiter.)

In his videos, Craig often creates vocabulary that catches on very quickly and begins to be widely used on the internet, including the terms doobly-doo and noodle boiler, which already appear on UD.

Wheezy Waiter videos have many repeated themes, including: use of slap bracelets to celebrate, clones of Craig punching each other, winks that make a dinging sound, music playing when Craig's chair slides across carpet, Craig playing a version of his mother who stands at the window and profanely criticizes him, and lots of attention to Craig's beard, which has become Wheezy Waiter's trademark. (Wheezy Waiter viewers are referred to as beardlovers.)

There are also long series of videos on a single theme, such as a long series of videos he did of song puns using breakfast items (Eggs over Easy E, Braneater, Iggy Pop Tart, Barack Obomelette, to name a few). His longest-running series is Free Bagel Friday, when he punches his boss to steal his boss' bagel.
It's time for a Wheezy Waiter clip.
Subscribe to Wheezy Waiter.
Wheezy Waiter is the greatest non-Ze-Frank vlogger of all time. - John Green, another content creator who's defined on UD
by martha_s February 06, 2010
Craig Benzine is a video content creator who is also known as Wheezy Waiter.

He has a widely popular YouTube channel and a blog called Wheezy Waiter. He has been creating Wheezy Waiter videos since June 2007. Now tens of thousands of people are subscribed to him and watch his videos daily.

Craig has created vocabulary in his videos that has gone on to be widely used on the internet, such as doobly-doo and noodle boiler, defined on UD, and is also known for repeated themes and catch-phrases he uses in his videos (see Wheezy Waiter definition for more information).

Craig has a beard, which has become the trademark for Wheezy Waiter. Wheezy Waiter viewers are called beardlovers.

Craig is also part of the popular and acclaimed indie rock band Driftless Pony Club, based in Chicago.

In addition to creating his Wheezy Waiter videos, Craig has lots of other experience in film and television production. He graduated with a Communication Arts: Radio, Television, Film degree from University of Wisconsin - Madison. He works as a Video Specialist for a web development company. He has starred in other films and web series besides Wheezy Waiter, including the film Ozark Cousins, the web series Fucked in Space! and Platoon of Power Squadron, and many short films produced by Harmony Joyride Productions. In addition to his work in front of the camera, Craig edited the Ozark Cousins film and was part of the rock band that created the music for the silent urban western.
Craig Benzine has a beard.

Who is Craig Benzine? Wheezy Waiter.
by martha_s February 07, 2010
Driftless Pony Club is a popular and acclaimed indie rock band now based in Chicago. The members of the band are Craig Benzine, Matt Weber, Sam Grant, and Nate Bartley.

The band has three releases -- Jane (2004), Cholera (2006), and Expert (2009). As of 2009, they are signed to DFTBA Records.

In addition to creating music, the band is also known for the irreverent (and sometimes bizarre) videos they create, many of which are available on their YouTube channel (SamboneJr).

Driftless Pony Club's music is most often compared to Modest Mouse. The band openly acknowledge Modest Mouse as one of their guitar rock inspirations, along with the Pixies, Weezer, and many others.
Who's playing at the Beat Kitchen tonight? Driftless Pony Club.
Driftless Pony Club rocks!
by martha_s February 07, 2010
One who watches Wheezy Waiter videos.

Wheezy Waiter is Craig Benzine, a popular video content creator with a YouTube channel and blog called Wheezy Waiter. He calls the people who watch his videos beardlovers. (Tens of thousands of people now subscribe and watch Wheezy Waiter videos daily.)

People who watch Wheezy Waiter videos must love beards, since Craig almost always has a beard. Craig's beard has become the trademark of Wheezy Waiter.

In his video called "Monkey Falls Off Bike" (6/4/09), Craig addresses the idea that some of his viewers might not actually be beardlovers. He says: "Hey, Wheezy Waiter here from the internet. I just need to clear something up. Sometimes I get messages and comments that say 'But I don't love beards.' Well, whether you love beards or you hate beards, too bad! You love them. Hey, beardlovers!"

See definitions for Wheezy Waiter and Craig Benzine for more info about Wheezy Waiter or Craig.
Hey beardlovers.
Greetings beardlovers.
by martha_s February 07, 2010
Free Bagel Friday is a repeated theme in Wheezy Waiter videos.

Wheezy Waiter is Craig Benzine, a video content creator, who has a popular channel on YouTube and a blog under the name Wheezy Waiter. Craig has been creating Wheezy Waiter videos since June 2007.

Since January 2009, when Craig makes a video on Friday, he always includes a segment about Free Bagel Friday. On Free Bagel Friday, there are free bagels available at Craig's workplace. Every Free Bagel Friday, Craig confronts his boss (Mike Benedetto), demands his boss' bagel, and then punches him in order to steal his bagel (most often, a sesame bagel). When Mike gets punched, he usually flies backwards into recycling bins, shelving units, boxes, and so on.

This comical bit is the longest-running repeated theme in Wheezy Waiter videos. While the structure is always the same, the dialogue between Craig and Mike usually alludes to whatever topic or jokes the rest of that particular video contains. For example, in a video where Craig (Wheezy Waiter) performed a version of the song 'Creep' (his version called 'Crepe'), Mike's dialogue in the Free Bagel Friday confrontation consisted of lines from the song.

See the definition for Wheezy Waiter for more information on these videos.
TGIFBF. Thank God It's Free Bagel Friday. Every Friday, we have a big pile of bagels in the office.

Oh shirt, it's Free Bagel Friday.
by martha_s February 08, 2010
A Wheezy Dozen is a form of measurement. A Wheezy Dozen equals one. This term was created by Wheezy Waiter, a popular content creator on YouTube.

Sort of similar to the form of measurement known as a baker's dozen, except a baker's dozen equals 13, whereas a Wheezy Dozen equals 1.
I did videos for one whole month. That's a Wheezy Dozen.
by martha_s February 17, 2010
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