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A slang term for Bend and or Dent
Bitch you bented my Rims!!
by Chigatti February 01, 2006
An act of violence between two individuals in which one gets unknowingly "bented". The "bender" sticks his hand very close to the "bendee's" face starting with the thumb facing left with the right hand or right with the left hand. The "bender" then rotates the hand in a manner that ends with the thumb facing straight up in the air. As the thumb is sticking straight up the bender says "bitch you just got BENTED". Once again, the closer the hand is to the face, the more disrespectful the act.
Hey Billy I have a question, come over here for a second.. "Oh you just got Bented"
by Dizzy DD and the Data Takers December 10, 2010
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