When a guy persistantly calls a girl to "talk" after they've broken up. This guy will stop at nothing to speak with his ex girlfriend, even if it means making an ass of himself. Those who are Benning are commonly in high school, naive, and, unfortunately, face eaters.
Lisa broke up with Tom because her face became his meal when they kissed. Now Tom is constantly Benning her with texts, calls, and internet convos.
by A-jac June 02, 2009
Top Definition
The Verb to 'Ben' is often used to describe hitting something very hard with a very heavy hammer.

Based on the multitude of hammers available you can go up in 'Ben' sizes

Usually associated with LandRovers, but can equally be applied to any older rusty or stuck component that needs to be Benned out.
The joint was rusty and I had to give it a right good Benning to free it off.
After countless hours Benning the hub, I finally got Big Ben out and it soon gave in.
by d3bodsy May 24, 2013
The act of holding the bowl or not passing it to the next person in the circle. Similar to bogarting the smoke.
Who's benning it?
by rolusd April 19, 2011
To out of the blue ask your girlfriend who you have not kissed yet if you can kiss her yet.
bf:I hate Mr.Smith's class!
gf:I know its the worst!
bf:Can I kiss you yet?
bf:Can I?
gf:Stop benning
by Thisisabadpseudonym October 16, 2014
Benning is a synonym of the word "Fapping". Benning is Fapping, but in public areas, such as bathrooms, classrooms, restaurants, groceries stores, movieplex. It is hardcore meat-beating. So much so that your hand may bruise from said activity.
Guy 1: Dude Did you hear about Lukamar?
Guy 2: No what?
Guy 1: He got caught Benning in the Bathrrom!!!
Guy 2: No way that's hilarious.
by Bdizzlerizzle January 10, 2013
Adjective. Benning is the act of accidentally ejaculating on a girls face. It typically occurs when a woman is performing oral sex on a man. When this oral sex is interrupted for any number of reasons, the man pulls out and accidentally shoots semen on the womans face.
"So what did you do this weekend dude?"

"Well this chick was giving me head and then someone walked in and I started benning."

"Dude! Sweet! I love when people are benning on me."

"wtf is wrong with you? gay."
by Charles Cross March 22, 2009
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