Nyphomaniac or Nympho
Guy 1: Damn, did you see that girl?
Guy 2: Nah.
Guy 1: To bad, she looked like she'd be a total Benito.
by super.bell December 08, 2012
Top Definition
Person who experiences rage and anger.
An individual who longs for an apology.
Person 1: Hey man you get that touchpad today?
Person 2: No man, I was so benitoed over it.
by justink55 August 26, 2011
Crazy, fun people. Full of energy, welcoming, usually the life of the party. Fun to be around.
"Man, shes such a benito."
"Invite some benito girls."
"I wish he was a little more benito."
by 2625 May 03, 2009
Benito is a really cool guy to be arounf.You can count on him for anything.He'll always be there for you.Hes weird,Awkward all that fun stuff but hes a true friend.Hes also a really good lover.Hes cute and awesome.Hes a one of a kind person you should always have around you.
Benito made me feel better about myself today. Love Friend
by ant.321. October 20, 2014
Someone who shows up to work whenever they like.
Bob: i haven't seen Jim at work today.

Frank: Yeah he is totally pulling a benito.
by joemartinez June 10, 2009
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