A non-greasy pain relieving cream. For minor arthritis, backache, muscle & joint pain
Urban Dictionary, have you ever covered your balls with bengay? feels fucking great.
- that's what i hear. I dont have any though ):
- you lied to me!
by Chrizzi April 19, 2008
Top Definition
A popular muscle & joint pain relief cream.

More importantly, something never to be applied on one's testicles. Ever.
'So, did you hear about Pete doing that dare with the Bengay?'
'Yeah, who would have guessed? I heard the doctors had to use two different ointments to stop the burning and then wrap up his balls. Poor bastard.'
by Fruf August 23, 2007
The "Greaseless Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream". Bengay was brought to North America from France in 1898 and continues to relieve pain for millions of sufferers more than 100 years later.
Developed in the late 1800's by Dr Bengue, a French pharmacist, BENGAY (analgesic rub) is a medicated cream that reduces muscle and joint pain. The BENGAY family of analgesic rubs offers quick and effective relief to anyone suffering from muscle ache, joint or minor arthritis pain.

Product Description

Warm penetrating relief of arthritis and joint pain
Bengay Arthritis Extra Strength is specially formulated to penetrate deep down to provide long lasting and effective relief of minor arthritis, joint and muscle pain
Non-greasy, non-staining formula.

Available formulas:
Bengay* Ice Extra Strength, Bengay* Original, Bengay* Muscle Pain No Odour, Bengay* Muscle Pain Ultra Strength.
Friend 1: Dude I've got such a friggin back ache from bangin your sister last night.
Friend 2: Really? Remove your shirt and let me apply BenGay's warm and penetrating cream on your back.
Friend 1: Euew dude! You fuckin' homo!
Friend 2 (scoffing): I just wanted to massage some cream on your back.
by NeverMindWho February 17, 2006
A top-selling testicle enhancement cream. First discovered by accident in 1947 by Benjamin Gaylord (hence the name) when he accidentally used some arthritis cream as lube and noticed a 20% increase in the size and potency of his family jewels. Use daily for best results.
Keith: Hey man my balls are too small and
Charles: You, sir, could use some Bengay!

Samantha: I only date guys who smear Bengay on their junk daily!
by Rayne Darkshadow November 21, 2010
A pain reliever that can also act as a penis enhancement. Works best when applied to scrotum.
Dude, after I put Bengay on my genitals, my penis grew another 4 inches! I'm glad I put Bengay on my balls!
by Anonymous Facepuncher November 29, 2010
When someone named Ben decides not to pay rent.
Ben stopped paying rent so he had to move out back to his parents house because he was bengay.
by nomnomfeldom1234 December 07, 2009
small kid that likes heavy music, tight pants, and uses big words to confuse people.
Those dang bengays are off to the metal shows again. aww geesh!
by afgan-ice-cream-truck July 22, 2006
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