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A popular muscle & joint pain relief cream.

More importantly, something never to be applied on one's testicles. Ever.
'So, did you hear about Pete doing that dare with the Bengay?'
'Yeah, who would have guessed? I heard the doctors had to use two different ointments to stop the burning and then wrap up his balls. Poor bastard.'
by Fruf August 23, 2007
Variant of Commie.

1.) A slang/derogatory name for a member or advocate of the Communist party or movement.

2.) A name, used by some incorrectly but purposely, to label and attack any person who is supporting politically leftist or liberal causes. Often creating a strawman situation.
Joseph McCarthy wanted to confront and eliminate the perceived 'Commi' threat of the 1950's with radical action.

An aggressive conservative might label liberal candidates favoring some socialist causes, such as universal health care, as 'commis' with the intention to paint them negatively.
by Fruf April 23, 2008
What rednecks call a violin.
Somewhere in Houston, TX
'My, what a nice violin you have there!'
'Viowhat? This here's a fiddle, ma'am.'
by Fruf August 21, 2007
The new clique identity a number of emofags created for themselves to branch onto after they finally caught on that the emo kid identity was the laughing stock of the internets. Don't be fooled otherwise.

Slightly tweaked clothes with just as much sulking, black and sucky music. Like the emo label before them, they use Myspace, Livejournal and their sister sites to strengthen their numbers by recruiting awkward teenagers who can't get laid or become cheerleaders.

Notable Characteristics:
-Their music is liek SO the deepest evur.
-Will argue tooth and nail in defense on scene's alleged independence from emo kid idenity.
-WAY cooler and more badass than emo could ever be- srsly evers. It's way diff.
-l33t chatsp33k.
-Usually androgynous in dress (see: gay?)
-Nobody understands them.
-etc. etc. etc.
"I told you, I'm NOT emo I'm SCENE!!"
"Either way, you're wearing your sister's pants, dude."
by Fruf November 05, 2007

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