sweetest language in the world.

when a person is speaking sweetly with another.

language spoken in india(West bengal) & bangladesh.

5th largest language in the world
mary: my fiancée speaks sweetly with me.
john: you mean he talks in bengali with you?
by SayAnnnnnn July 05, 2011
A person of Bangladeshi decent like the Italians of asia because they love good food, talk and argue too much and are cheap as hell

They own half of the gas stations in the US and not only do they have terrible english accents but they also have crap grammar

they also love rhyming things which make no sense whatsoever as in satha matha (umbrella head)

THEY LOVE USING THE WORD SHIT because they think they are blakk

their language has the most odd cuss words ever example:
1)shalla(brother in law)
2)batpar (crooked person)- never say this to a bengali they will be pissed
3)gadha/gadhar bacha(ass/child of an ass)

some are hindu but as long as most arent jews we love ya bengalis!
bengali: how much the rasgulla is?

indian store owner: 5.99 pound

bengali: bo, ayy dokanehr guli holo gadha kon rokhom ehr manoosh aatho daam deeya ayy satha keenbeh? (wife this stores people are asses, what kind of people would buy this umbrella for this price?)

indian store owner: (who knows bengali but the bengali doesnt know) oyy shalla! ( hey brother in law!)

...and then the argument escalates and the bengali talks about the arguments for years to come...
by mydudeinhtown October 17, 2009
1. a person from west bengal or bangladesh
2. someone who likes to eat fish. a LOT.
1. "I come from a land called Bengal. " "oh, I never met a bengali before."

2. "oooooh fish! can i cook it?" "crazy bengali"
by madguy000 October 21, 2009
The people from Banglasdesh. basically the ni**as of Asia, not to be confused with Indians. Seriously, dont get it twisted, recognize they're bengali and dont dare call them anything else.

There are the strictly religious bengalis who wear saris and speak bangla. Many benglais become doctors and such.

Then theres the urban ones, most of whom live in NYC. They gangsta, so dont mess.

also, they come in a lot of diferent shades- so there are white bengalis & blackbengalis.
Many bengali people around the world are too sexy, exotic looking and beautiful. so if u meet a drop dead gorgeous chick hailing from south asia, know she aint spanish, inidan, or paki. shes bengali, bitchh.

black dude: whats good
bengali: ma nigga what it is
white nerd: arent u indian? u cant say nig..
*bengali n black dude bust some caps in him*

*bengali girl walks by*

black dude: damnnn!! u see that dime she is fine!!!
bengali: yup she reps bd well. gotta treat our women rightt
white nerd: whoooaaa look at that brown chick im gonna go fu-
*bengali bust a cap in he fool*
by jfizzrashizz October 18, 2009
Describing one of the cultural hubs of Hindustan(India). People(about 200 million) from here love cricket, as it is the home of the majestic Eden Gardens, as well as enjoying life and eating rossogollas, gulab jamuns, sandeshes, fresh fish, and pan parag. Very intelligent beings.
Legendary individuals such as Sourav Ganguly, Kishoe Kumar Ganguly, Rabindranath Tagore(Renaissance Man), Amar Gopal Bose(BOSE speakers),Jagadish Chandra Bose(Scientist), Ramakrishna/Vivekananda(Saints featured in many world publications),and Ravi Shankar(Taught Beatles) all came from the State of West Bengal in India.
by Ganguly April 21, 2004
The type of people that think they're black. They'll go around wearing ghetto ass clothes saying "nigga" and "yo". They love Kabir's Bakery. Or, they're nerds whose parents feen over them going into a good, smart school so they can grow up to be doctors and give them money so they can pay of they're mortgage. They all back stab and talk behind people's backs. They are incoherent and make no sense. Their parents abuse them too much.
Asad- Yo Ni99a yuh hearrd? Mahi behh actiiN Mahd duechyy wit his Son righh heeer!

Muhammad- I don't care, I have to go pick up some coffee from Kabir's Bakery and go study for my SAT! Isn't he your friend, too?

Asad- CHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill Holmes!


Adam- Are you kidding?! I got a B and i'm getting an Xbox.


Adam- Your parents are so Bengali.
by lergitt August 25, 2010
a curry-eating, gossip-loving wretch of a person who thrives on the misfortune of others; bengalis are typically obsessed with appearance and maintaining a "normal" image to Americans because they don't want to get deported, and they accomplish this by covering their flabby bodies with Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister; they spend many hours obsessing over perfectly arched eyebrows and flat-ironed hair; FOB.
Oh. My. God. You're eyebrows are like... invisibile! They're gorgeous! You're well on your way to becoming a Bengali!"
by bobbert28 March 13, 2010
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