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Term to use when one is going to be having sex and does not want to be interrupted. Usually used in college dorms to warn ones roommate.
Dude, Jack is totally tapping some ass in there. His door says Beluga Whale.
by UW-Madison Swenson house September 20, 2009
A beautiful majestic creature that looks like a whale with Down Syndrome. This whale often resembles a large penis.
Gee, that adorable whale vaguely resembles a penis. It must be a Beluga whale.
by maryelibsabeth March 21, 2010
Fat white woman or a group of fat women. Also known as a pool of fat white women. Beluga whales always roll in groups.
Billy: Damn, look at all them fat white girls.

Steve: Shit, those is some Beluga Whales. AKA B-Dubs.

Billy: Well them B-Dubs is lookin' at me like they wanna eat me.

Steve: They must be hungry.
by Kobe24Mamba January 24, 2012
Large women who live in northern climates, who get very little sun for over half a year, then wear very little clothes during the short summer months.
We had a great time whale watching at the Alaska State Fair, the Beluga Whales were everywhere!
by RaymeeDotCom September 17, 2010
A light hearted way to cuss using a more friendly and cuter word. Can be used as a damning or negative comment, or a explicative emotion outburst.

May also included positive, praiseworthy meaning towards individuals in certain terms of usage.
Negative: BELUGAWHALE YOU! Son-of-a-belugawhale! belugawhale, I stumped my toe!

Positive: You were such a cute belugawhale on that dance floor. Looking as nice as a belugawhale would.
by DeafMansTechno March 06, 2012
A person with an unusually large forehead. Like a Beluga Whale.
Guy 1: Dude, check it out, that girl is totally Beluga Whale status.

Guy 2: nasty.
by The Hippy Slayer May 08, 2010
A large individual who wears clothes that are made for smaller individuals. There is a song and dance associated with the term.

Come here beluga whale now let me touch your fat, let me touch your fat, let me touch your fat"
"oh man look at that beluga whale, she should probably get clothes that are made for her body-type
by Natti Ice October 19, 2009
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