Crunk ass city in Nebraska. We hard core up in this biatch. U know how we do. Bellevue is the home of "THE" party car. The party car is a 92 Honda Civic Ex. Can u get more crunk?
Bellevue, NE home of the party car
by Big D-Web May 27, 2006
City in Washington Owned by the Razore Mafia.... see one of those fine ass italians rollin through Bellevue get your money out because they own you.
by fdhfdgs July 24, 2006
A hella tizzite city in Washington where all the true gangsters live. We lay low in our mercedes and bently's, and get some good food at Cheesecake Factory. All the coool bellevue bitches live on Cougar Mountain, and attend Issaquah High School, whereas all the lame-asses attend some other bellevue high school. Official saying in B-town: "Yo, im white. But i'll pop u one if u mess up my AF1's. Take that biatch!"
"Yo, lets head over to bellevue to pick up some sexy bellevue bitches"
by Ghetto Nizzzik April 25, 2005

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