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Seattle area slang. Filthy means hot, really cool, or tight. You heard.
Look at that Porsche.
That shit's filthy.
by anonym0us February 08, 2007
1. Hometown and current residence of Bill Gates.
2. An affluent, upper-class suburb of Seattle, Washington. Reknowned for its artistic use landscaping its roads, neighborhoods, and parks. Beautiful views of Lake Washington to the west. Directly east of Seattle across the lake. Racial diversity goes a little something like this: 50% white, 50% Asian. Majority of households have at least one person employed at Boeing and/or Microsoft at any given time.
Also known for pricey neighborhoods such as Beaux Arts, Somerset, Newport Shores and Factoria. Extremely white/Asian people try to be gangster or they shop at Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, etc. All of its high schools have been included in Newsweeks Top 50 Public High Schools. This includes Bellevue, Newport, Sammamish, and International high schools.Extreme amounts of preps, emo kids, and the word "hella".
Bellevue, WA...
asian: yo, bitch, i be half azn n half white. lets use my dads benz to go get some weed. helllla.

preppy bellevue girl: omg lets go to bell square and buy something from the hollister/abercrombie!!

black seattle kid: wut up with all these rich bellevue crackers, g??
by anonym0us September 02, 2005

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