-Hole in the ground
-Dirty People
-Smelly People
-Jerry Springer type people
my nigga, there is a lot of fucking dirt balls that live in Bellaire
by Jose Davis July 14, 2003
Top Definition
Neighborhood in Clearwater, Florida surrounded between Bellair Road, Myrtle Ave, Lakeview, & Missouri Ave. Definatly not the place that the Fresh Prince moved to.
Dats mah boy, he from over by Ross Norton in Bellaire.
by Soldier4HIgher January 22, 2007
Bellaire, Michigan is a small resort town, surrounded by beautiful lakes a wonderful people. There is plenty to do, including hiking, fishing, golfing, hunting, boating, skiing or snowboarding, and of course there is amazing food. In addition to the tourist activities, Bellaire is a great place to raise a family, with a low crime rate and a great educational system.
Bellaire is the shit!
by Kevin Vliet November 12, 2007
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