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An amazing, and beautiful girl, also the perfect best friend. It tends to have a mind of its own, and likes to party and have a great time. Does not get along well with the police, especially on thursdays. Enjoys joyrides and boys. Not to be confused with characters from twilight.
"Someone stole Bella's phone, do you know who did it?"
by katslikewhoaa July 08, 2010
the italian word for beautiful

in italy you usually kiss both cheeks before or after you say "ciao bella" which means goodbye beautiful
"ciao bella"
(goodbye beautiful)
**kiss 1 cheek, kiss other**
by italian bella(: July 10, 2008
Keeping in mind that Spanish and Italian are both derivatives of the Latin language, "Bella" is Latin for the English word "Beautiful"
spanish: hola bella

italian: ciao bella
by gary boots August 11, 2007
Italian and Spanish for beautiful.

The Spanish is pronounced bay-ah
The Italian is pronounced Bell-ah
1. Ella es bella (She is beautiful.)

2. Lei e bella (She is beautiful.)
by Zero Kewl September 26, 2005
Spanish/Italian. It means beautiful.
La Bella Durmiente (Sleeping Beauty)
Bella vita (Beautiful life)
by *Mily* October 11, 2004
A very attractive women who has a nice body and uses her attractivness quite often she always has a boyfriend and generally has like 200-300 guys who like her because she is such a flirt she is a prude but in a good way it almost makes you want her more also she is quite emotional at times and laughs at everything she has bad taste in guys as the guy she usually dates are asshole. she is intelligent although she doesnt know how to pay attention at all. she changes her mind quite often and never seems to know what she wants from you. she is incredibly weird and random and she can sing really well.
Bella's Friend Blake is so sexy i need his number

Do you know if Blake and Bella are dating? if not i gotta get after Blake he is so hot and i hear he is huge in his pants.
by Thesexmachine111 February 25, 2010
The metric unit of female beauty, abbreviated bl.

Supersedes the imperial helen (qv).

Expressed on a decimal scale from 0.00 (utterly repulsive and cock-crinkling) to 1.00 (the Platonic ideal of female beauty).

After the Italian word for beautiful (qv).
"Wow, Bella, you are so amazingly hot. I'd have to rate you at .98 bl"

"How come I don't score 1.00 bl when the damn system is named after me?"

"Because you've just woken up, there's mascara in your ear, your hair looks like a practical joke and there's a pillowcase stuck to your chin. Still adorable though."

"Fair enough. Now run me a bath of ass's milk and fetch costly breakfast items."
by Hitmouse December 12, 2009