Stupid girls who crave over a tiny one inch that they will never get to suck or ride and they waste their time with gay music gay concerts movies and wish they could have a peek at his tiny dick.
by PEDOo bEarr June 02, 2011
The worship of Justin Bieber as a god, as practiced by teenage and pre-teen girls called Beliebers who obsess over him.
Sydney Dalton is a sacrilege to Belieberism!
by BlueLaughter September 01, 2010
The name given to the extreme actions undertaken by "beliebers". This includes sending death threats to any female he comes in contact with, such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna or Esperanza Spalding, and any other action that might threaten their position as Justin Bieber's fake girlfriend.
"Belieberism is too damn high!"

"Belieberism has shown its ugly face once again"
by Annonymous1235 January 12, 2012
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