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The worship of Justin Bieber as a god, as practiced by teenage and pre-teen girls called Beliebers who obsess over him.
Sydney Dalton is a sacrilege to Belieberism!
#justin bieber #belieber #worship #bieber #bieber fever
by BlueLaughter September 01, 2010
When you are web surfing with your penis instead of your brain. You are surfing the net and you click on ads, videos, or pictures because of a suggestive and/or scantily clad thumbnail, even though your brain knows it's probably spam and may or may not lead to more pictures/videos of an erotic nature.
That facebook game looked so bad, but I totally dick clicked it because of the hot chick with the massive cleavage.

I knew the video would suck and the thumbnail of the girl's round ass was a total tease, but I dick clicked it anyways.
#porn #facebook #erotica #masturbation #web surfing #dirty thoughts #nudity
by bluelaughter December 05, 2013
A hashtag word or phrase on twitter used to bash a particular celebrity, company, product, or lifestyle, often going viral. Usually they originate from funny running jokes, though sometimes they originate from a company's own marketing hashtag gone awry. Examples include #Drakethetype, #McDstories, #qantasluxury, #AskJPM
#Drakethetype might just be the funniest bashtag of 2013.

#QantasLuxury quickly turned from a corporate marketing tag to a bashtag after they stranded 80,000 people around the world.
#hashtag #twitter #marketing fails #seo #facebook
by bluelaughter April 16, 2014
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