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Fake, stupid

noun; whore or slut
Lady : dont you mean, BOO YOU SYDNEY DALTON ?
by Biebersgirl August 31, 2010

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The act of destroying lame merchandise marketed and sold to idiots.

Named after a tween that dared to mock other tweens by tearing up posters of a talentless tween boy named Justin Bieber, on youtube. Perhaps not a smart move, but funny.

A twihad ensued, started by hormonal unbalanced tween wanna-be video sluts with too much time on their hands and no parental supervision.
Tween retard 1: OMG, like, I can't believe the Giants are losing again, what's up with the Kung Fu Panda swinging at anything pitched to him?!

Not as retarded Tween 2: Like, I dunno... I'm totally pulling a Sydney Dalton on all my Pablo Sandoval crap at home. I'm even trashing those stupid panda hats that make people look like retarded mice.
by mja2001 September 07, 2010