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1. One of the oldest Gaulish/Celtic gods worshipped in Gaul, Britain and Celtic areas of Austria and Spain. Also known as 'The shining one' or 'Bright one', Belenus or Belenos had shrines from Aquileia on the Adriatic to Kirkby Lonsdale in England.

2. A purple haired smut master who is skilled in the art of giving people bunny names. Possibly the love child of Sid James for his love of risqué humour and innuendo. Nice guy who will always help you out with a quest when you need a rare drop item. Top-man.

3. Turning any conversation into a cheesy chat up line.
Girl: I want a piece of toast.

Guy: I want to spread you on toast and eat you up.

Girl: Stop being such a belenus, I just gave you sweet lovin' like five minutes ago..... now make me some toast.
by Laten September 19, 2010