verb: to be knocked the #### out of oneself by a metal object, such as a crowbar..
daammmnn that kid got belened!!!!
by unkknown March 15, 2005
pussy ass school in miami where the kids think they are hardcore and like cock in their asses and get owned up by cchs guys
Damn, that columbus kid just took a shit on that belen kids face! thats awesome
by abababaaaa February 28, 2005
A school in Miami , Florida were all the guys are nice, smart, and extremely FUNNY!! Belen boys can dance real good salsa! They never start shit with anyone ..including columbus...A lourdes girl does not deserve a Belen boy becuase all a lourdes girl wants is to get the guys money...Its a school of preppy guys who are super awsome..
-party- the belen guy is the center of the party telling all the jokes
by baBysAbre7 May 06, 2005
school were most guys are pimps and think theire all that. pussy ass school got that right. but naww id rather go 4 belen were all my loves go than 4 columdumb
look at that chs student is he stoned?
by Sandra March 27, 2005

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