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Shitty little town located in New Mexico. Most people there refuse to let the place grow, which causes the town to be even more shitty. The majority of the women are ghetto, ugly and solve their problems by fighting. They also draw their eyebrows on with sharpies and wear lip liner with no lipstick. Sonic is the "hang out" spot where people cruise listening to rap music, while trying to show off their piece of shit vehicle. Most people from Belen aren't very intelligent and couldn't spell if their life depended on it. Their use of grammar and punctuation is quite poor and pathetic. Don't count on having an intelligent conversation with someone from Belen, because you most likely wont. There is only a small group of intelligent people from this town and they usually don't stick around after they graduate high school.
Girl: Hey, want to go with me to a party?

Boy: Yeah sure! Where at?

Girl: In Belen.

Boy: Belen?! Fuck that shit! I have to pick my ass instead.
by OhNoYouAgain March 05, 2012

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