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another word for a woman's twat/pussy/minge/cunt/fuckhole/fanny/ orifice/vag/vagina/slit/etc...
Olivia's shaven bejesus
by Dom February 10, 2004
5 38
A word commonly used to express great surprise or fear.
You scared the BEJESUS out of me!!!
by Dan May 06, 2004
448 121
a term that can be used with just about any phrase to add emphasis
I was shizzing last night and it burned the bejesus out of my ass.

I had a nightmare that I saw Todd naked and it scared the bejesus out of me.
by loyolacs August 20, 2002
225 112
be-jesus is similar to someones wits or crap(not in the literal sense)
50 (fiddy) scared da be-jesus out of Ja as he held da gun 2 his head
by Gem,n Ash, N Sam January 08, 2005
32 6
bejesus: be·je·sus
Variant(s): also be·jee·zus /bi-'jE-z&s, -'jA-, -z&z/
Etymology: alteration of by Jesus
Date: circa 1908
-- (interjection) used as a mild oath;
-- (noun) runny poop
You scured the bejesus out of me.
by ))<>(( April 23, 2006
86 81
another term for a woman's vagina
Laura's shaven be-jesus
by AsHoK February 09, 2004
4 38
the thing or state of being that we know and yet do not know, fear and yet do not fear.
I knew he wanted to slap the bejesus out of me for that comment, but I didn't care.
by georgia July 24, 2003
19 53